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Team Building to Date nights

Have you heard your friends talk about an escape room they did last weekend? Maybe your boss mentioned doing one for team building but you’re not sure what it is? Well you have come to the right place. This blog will be an intro to what escape rooms are, how they work, and what to expect going into your first game. Escape rooms are a growing trend that started in Japan in 2007 and from there grew across Asia to Europe and eventually the United States in 2012. Now you can look for one in most cities across the U.S. and will find a couple to choose from.

So what is an Escape Room exactly? Also called Escape Games, these are physical adventures that take you through a themed room with locks, puzzles, riddles, and some physical challenges. Players will have an allotted amount of time to succeed in revealing the hidden mysteries and complete their tasks to escape the room. Some escape rooms lock you in and you must unlock the door to win. Others, like ours, you will have to achieve the end goal to stop your time and become successful.

A lot of people ask me if our rooms are scary or think that we are going to be putting them in restraints or blindfolding them and throwing them into a dark room. Though you may find a game like this in the Escape Room world, that is not how it usually works. Every Escape Room is different with their own flare, style, and story lines making each one a unique experience. Did you find the one game that does handcuff you to a wall and you aren’t sure about it, or are too claustrophobic like me? Don’t be afraid to reach out to that room by email or phone call and talk to them about it. They may be able to help you get around that part and still enjoy the rest of their game.

Team building has been drastically changed thanks to Escape Rooms. No longer do you have to endure those boring exercises with trust falls or rope courses. I don’t know about you but those activities never made me work better with my team or “trust” them more. Instead, Escape Rooms give you real life problem solving that will require your entire team to work together to achieve your goal, not to mention having some fun while doing it. Have you not met Juan from advertising? Well after an hour in a room solving puzzles and riddles you will be well acquainted and a well oiled machine.

Maybe you are looking for a fun date night out that isn’t setting and watching a movie or going to the same restaurant that you spouse is sick of but is too nice to say so. Try taking them to an Escape Room instead. You will get to interact for an hour while solving puzzles and growing a stronger bond. You might even make some new friends by joining another group who signed up as well. You could go on that double date you’ve been talking about and have fun. It’s better than trying to figure out if you already talked about the weather while waiting for your drink to come. It will be a night to talk about for sometime.



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