Escape Room Etiquette part 1: Being on time

When it comes to etiquette you will find some things apply universally across the board to all escape rooms. Things like signing paperwork or rules on leaving the room during the game time can vary depending on where you go. I’ll be going over both of these categories to help you maximize your escape room experience. So get out that note book and get ready to take notes (notes of course aren’t for everyone but just in case).

The first thing I want to talk about is when you should arrive. Let’s start with an example. You and your friends decided they want to go see the new movie you have all been waiting for. You go online and find the time and date that works best for you and make sure to get the tickets purchased ahead of time. The day of the show comes and you and your friends make sure to meet up enough in advance to to get your popcorn and soda before the show. If you don’t have a theater with the new assigned seating you also make sure you are early enough to get a good seat. All of this is due to the fact that movies start at assigned times so they can make sure to be ready for everyone coming to the next showing.

Escape rooms are the same way in that we schedule multiple games a day and each game must start at its scheduled time. Due to this we ask our teams to arrive 15 minutes earlier than their start time. You may not need to get seats or popcorn, but you will need to get ready for your adventure and get some information before you start. This includes using the restroom, putting your cell phones, flashlights, and tools away in a locker. Not all escape rooms will require these things however we have found removing these items from the game help keep everyone immersed in the experience and removes distractions making your visit the best it can be!  

When groups show up late it can adversely affect all of the bookings that come after, so plan ahead for traffic it. Always seems to be tough out on the roads anymore! Of course, we know that things can happen. Accidents, trains and traffic are just part of our lives here in Fort Collins. We will always try to work with groups, let the escape room know that you’ll be showing up late just to be considerate of those that you’re playing with as well as those that will be playing after you.

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